The Three Biggest Heating Mistakes You Make Every Thanksgiving

One of the most important parts of Thanksgiving, aside from the mouth-watering food, is to make your guests feel right at home. After all, some of them will struggle to gather all the kids and pack into the car to travel for miles to get your house, so the last thing need is to walk into an inviting space. With that said, try to avoid these common holiday heating mistakes at all costs.

The Three Biggest Heating Mistakes You Make Every Thanksgiving | Heating Repair Northern Kentucky | Rusk Heating & Cooling

  1. You Crank Up The Heat So Everyone Is Warm: while there might be members of your family who prefer to hang out in what feels like a sauna, this won’t fly with everyone. Keep in mind that all of the cooking and all of the commotion will create heat so you’ll be able to get away turning the thermostat down a few degrees.

  2. You Don’t Account For Cool Drafts When The Door Is Open: if your main point of entry into the house is connected to the kitchen or the living room, keep in mind that cool air will flow through any time guests enter or exit the house. Try to limit the amount of time the door is open in order to keep everyone from getting a chill.

  3. You Forget To Adjust The Thermostat Before Bed: you’ve got lots on your mind when it comes to Turkey Day and remembering to adjust the thermostat just isn’t one of them. Well, that can be a mistake especially if you forget about it before the family heads off to bed. Remember, doctors suggest the optimal temperature for sleeping is between 60°F and 68°F.

Our family, serving Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky for 150 years, is dedicated to assisting you in finding a dependable, high-quality indoor comfort system that operates safely, can lower your monthly cost, reduce indoor air pollutants, and regulate temperature and humidity. When you need heating service this season, call on the experts at Rusk Heating & Cooling.

Are Your Windows Killing Your Wallet?

Ever hear the phrase “you might as well throw your money right out the window?” Believe it or not, it can actually happen – especially if your windows are letting warm air escape from your house. It’s time to put an end to the madness once and for all and make sure you’re not paying more than you should be on heating bills this season.

Are Your Windows Killing Your Wallet? | Rusk Heating & Cooling

Not All Windows Are Created Equally

There are lots of different types of windows out there. There’s basically a window type for every budget and every condition. With that said, if you have the wrong windows in your home, they could be costing you a fortune. For starters, it’s vital to make sure your windows are insulated. Otherwise, your wasting your time and energy which ultimately wastes money.

Are New Windows Worth The Investment?

The simple answer is, yes. Why? Well, new windows can slash your energy bills by 12% or more, but it will take some time before you see the savings. Older windows tend to lose their efficiency as time passes and that means they’ll start costing you. Just think about sitting in the living room on a cold winter night without feeling the frigid draft from the windows on your neck. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Which Windows Are Best?

There’s no simple answer here. After all, everyone’s tastes and preferences are different. However, we recommend double- or triple-pane windows. Why? The space in between the panes of glass are filled with air or an inert gas that serve as layers of insulation. Both options are a huge improvement over the single-pane windows found in lots of older homes.

Our family, serving Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky for 150 years, is dedicated to assisting you in finding a dependable, high-quality indoor comfort system that operates safely, can lower your monthly cost, reduce indoor air pollutants, and regulate temperature and humidity. When you need heating service this season, call on the experts at Rusk Heating & Cooling.

Warning: Your Furnace is About to Blow!

The last thing you need this time of year is for your furnace to lay an egg. Temperatures are dropping and coming home to a frigid house is never any fun. Be on the lookout for the following warning signs that could mean your heating system is about to blow:

Warning: Your Furnace is About to Blow! | Rusk Heating & Cooling

Constantly Turning On and Off

Your heating system can short cycle for a number of reasons. It could be because your thermostat isn’t calibrated or it could be set incorrectly. It could also be a result of dirty filters. Either way, these are things to be on the lookout for as we head into heating season.

Yellow Pilot Light

If there’s ever anything wrong with fire or gas, it should be addressed immediately. Take a look at the pilot light from time to time – if it’s yellow in color, it could mean the system is leaking carbon monoxide and everybody knows fire and gas don’t mix.

Strange, Erratic Noises

Hear severe popping, rattling or banging sounds coming from the furnace? This likely means something has gotten loose and needs to be repaired. Failing to address the issue could lead to very serious problems which might leave you out in the cold this winter.

When it comes to heating, there are a lot of choices. Picking the right company to do business with is key. You can rely on the team of factory-trained professionals at Rusk Heating & Cooling to provide prompt expert service whether you need routine maintenance, emergency repair, replacement equipment, or a completely new system. Call us today at 859-431-4040.

5 Things You Must Do Now To Get Your Furnace Ready For Winter

Ever hear of the phrase “failing to prepare is preparing to fail?” Well, that’s definitely the case when it comes to your home’s heating system. Chances are you haven’t needed to kick it on quite yet, but temperatures will be dropping before we know it. With that said, it’s vital to get your furnace up and running now, or there’s a good chance it might fail when you really need it this winter.

5 Things You Must Do Now To Get Your Furnace Ready For Winter | Heating Repair | Rusk Heating & Cooling

Dedicating a few minutes of your time in the upcoming weeks is likely all you need in order to prepare your furnace for colder weather. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Turn on Your Thermostat: whether you currently have it set to “cool” or you shut it down for a few days or weeks, you’re going to need to flip it over to “heat.” This will confirm that your thermostat is still working properly as long as the heat kicks on. If not, it could mean the wires or the battery in the thermostat have gone bad or that there’s a more serious problem with your heating system.

  2. Clean the Filters: if you haven’t cleaned the air filters in your heating system since last year, now is the time. It’s always best to start the season off with clean filters, but you’ll need to remember to clean or change them frequently for optimal performance.

  3. Lubricate the Motor: some systems require the motor to be lubricated so things run smoothly. If you have this type, you can find out in the owner’s manual, turn off the power to the system, remove the cover and the caps and then lubricate the bearings.

  4. Check the Igniter Switch: if you have an older system, you may need to relight the pilot. If you have a newer system, chances are it has an electronic igniter. Either way, check on the igniter to make sure the flame is lit and if it’s not working properly, it’s best to call in a professional.

  5. Clear Some Space: home heating systems need adequate airflow in order to function properly. Remove all items within 3 feet of the furnace so that air can flow freely through the system.

Notice more serious issues with your heating equipment? Don’t put it off any longer. Trust us when we tell you you’ll be thankful your system is working properly the minute you need it. Call on the heating repair specialists at Rusk Heating & Cooling today to set up an appointment and we’ll make sure you’re comfortable all season long.

Family-Friendly Halloween Events in Cincinnati

Halloween is only a week away and whether you’re looking for tricks or treats, Cincinnati has something for everyone! There’s no better way to celebrate the fall season than with these slightly scary events for the whole family. Check out what’s happening in your area… if you dare!

Family-Friendly Halloween Events in Cincinnati | Rusk Heating & Cooling

HallZOOween at the Zoo

The zoo loves Halloween just as much as we do and you can get up close and personal with special animal encounters, an illusion show, trick-or-treating and a ride on the Hogwarts Express Train this year. Check it out this Saturday and Sunday October 28th and 29th.

Great Pumpkin Fest

Celebrate Halloween in true Peanuts fashion at Kings Island. They’re famous for their award-winning children’s area that’ll be complete with a pumpkin patch, live shows, and a costume contest for the kids. Check it out this Saturday and Sunday October 28th and 29th.

Jack O’Lantern Junction

The world’s largest indoor train display only makes for the perfect Halloween events! Let your kids roam through the trick-or-treat or straw mazes, make Halloween crafts, admire the animated display and take home a free mini pumpkin! The fun runs through October 31st.

And remember, Rusk Heating & Cooling is here to take care of all your home comfort needs this fall. Just give us a call at 513-771-4040 to schedule an appointment.

4 Myths About Heating Every Homeowner Should Know

It’s just about time to get those heating systems fired up. After all, we’re almost through October and temperatures are beginning to take a dip. With that said, there are lots of myths out there when it comes to keeping your house cozy all fall and winter long and we don’t want you to fall victim to anything out there that’s untrue. See below for a few common heating myths that could leave you in a world of trouble:

4 Myths About Heating Every Homeowner Should Know | Rusk Heating & Cooling

Myth #1: Cranking up the thermostat to a higher temperature will heat your house faster.

No matter what temperature you set your thermostat to, it will take the same amount of time for your house to warm up. We advise against doing this at all costs because higher temperatures will only cause your bill to rise, especially if you forget to turn the temperature down later on.

Myth #2: Using a space heater in certain rooms of the house will save you money.

In most areas, the cost of electricity is actually higher than the cost of gas. In reality, it can cost your three to five times more to heat your house with an electric space heater than it would to heat the same amount of space with your gas furnace.

Myth #3: My home has plenty of insulation so I never need to worry about air leaks.

While it’s vital to make sure your home is properly insulated, this does not mean you’re completely in the clear when it comes to air leaks. It’s always a good idea to check on windows and doors and look for cracks or gaps in your home’s foundation to make sure cool air isn’t pouring in and warm air isn’t leaking out.

Myth #4: Ceiling fans should only be used in the spring and summertime.

This statement couldn’t be any more false. In fact, we recommend using your ceiling fan all winter long, but there is a catch. Be sure to flip the switch so the fan blades spin in reverse. This will help bring warmer air that has risen to the ceiling back down to the living spaces of your home.

It’s not fun to have a problem with your heating system. You don’t want to think about it. You just expect to be comfortable, warm and cozy on cold winter nights. And that’s where we come in! Give the heating experts at Rusk Heating & Cooling a call today at 859-431-4040 to schedule an appointment.

What Wikipedia Won’t Tell You About These Common Heating Problems

Your home’s heating system isn’t working and the temperature inside is dropping quickly. We’re going to take a guess and say that you’re probably headed to your computer for answers, right? While you can find lots of vital information online these days, there are a few things Wikipedia or other common search results won’t tell you about these common heating problems:

What Wikipedia Won't Tell You About These Common Heating Problems | Heating Repair | Rusk Heating & Cooling

  1. The furnace isn’t producing warm air: this problem could be a result of three things. One, you may have a clogged air filter which is restricting proper airflow through the system. Two, your furnace may be the wrong size for the space you’re trying to heat. This is not a one-size-fits-all application. Three, there could be an issue with your thermostat settings. Check to make sure it’s set to “heat” and then go through the temperature settings if you have a programmable thermostat.

  2. The furnace won’t kick on at all: this could mean there is an issue with the power supply to the system or it could mean the pilot light went out. Either way, you should call in a professional to diagnose this problem as dealing with power sources and flammable gas can be major hazards for homeowners.

  3. The blower is running continuously: sure, you could cut the power to the system but that would defeat the purpose of having a heating system in your home during the colder months, right? Instead, this problem likely indicates the limit switch has malfunctioned. If this is the case, an HVAC specialist may need to replace the switch.

And that’s where we come in! No matter what the problem is, an expert heating specialist at Rusk Heating & Cooling will always be there to solve it. Just give us a call at 859-431-4040 and we’ll get your system back up and running in no time.

Maintenance Agreement Plan Benefits

If you’ve never had a problem with your home’s heating or cooling system, consider yourself very lucky. While it’s our goal to provide you and your family with top-of-the-line equipment, nothing lasts forever. With that said, we’re here to help make sure your system stays reliable and efficient for a very long time and our preventative maintenance program is here to do just that!

Preventative Maintenance Program Benefits

  • Less frequent repairs and breakdowns
  • Longer equipment lifespan
  • Improved system reliability
  • Comfort when you need it
  • Increased heating and cooling capacities
  • Reduced monthly heating and cooling costs
  • Same day service
  • Adds value to your home
  • 24 hour emergency service
  • Peace-of-mind

Maintenance Agreement Program Benefits | Rusk Heating & Cooling

How To Become A Member:

All you need to do if give our office a call and speak with our friendly customer service team. You can also download our maintenance agreement form, fill it out, and mail or fax it back to us.

What are you waiting for? Give Rusk Heating & Cooling a call today at 859-431-4040 and don’t forget to connect with us on Facebook!


Why Is My Boiler Leaking?

Picture this: you head down the stairs into your basement and notice there’s a pool of water on the floor around your boiler. You grab a towel to wipe up the mess only to return a few hours later to water on the floor, yet again. You ask yourself “why is my boiler leaking and what needs to be done to get it fixed?”

Why Is My Boiler Leaking? | Boiler Repairs Cincinnati | Rusk Heating & Cooling

What Causes Boilers To Leak?

In most situations, a boiler leak is due to an internal component that has failed. Oftentimes, it’s a broken seal or a faulty valve that causes water to spill out of the equipment, but there are a number of other reasons that we’ll discuss below.

  • Pressure Problems: all boilers come equipped with a pressure outlet pipe. It’s the job of this pipe to allow pressure built up inside the boiler to escape and as a result, water may drip out from time to time. If you find substantial amounts of water coming from this pipe, check the pressure gauge on the side of the tank which will tell you if the pressure is the root of the problem.

  • Faulty Seals: with a broken or damaged seal, water can escape even under normal conditions. Check the seals and have them replaced in order to fix the problem.

  • Cracks in the Metal: just like many other pieces of equipment in your home, boilers won’t last forever. As they age, the metal can undergo stress and fatigue and can ultimately crack. If you notice cracks, it may be a wiser decision to have the system replaced rather than have it repaired.

At Rusk Heating & Cooling, we specialize in hot water and steam boilers as well as cast iron and copper fin tube radiation. We have been providing complete hot water boiler installation, replacement, repair and maintenance services to our Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky clients for over 145 years!

Keep Those Darn Pests Out!

Hear rodents scurrying around? See bugs flying from room to room? Find droppings scattered throughout? Fall is officially here and that means temperatures will begin dropping rather quickly. And when temperatures drop, pests often look for warmer places to hang out which makes your house the perfect target. See below to find out how to keep intruders away this season:

Keep Those Darn Pests Out! | Rusk Heating & Cooling

It all starts with giving your home so much-needed reinforcement at its most vulnerable spots…

Seal Windows & Doors

Take a look around windows and doors. Notice the weatherstripping is worn out? If so, it’s time to replace it. By doing that and repairing soft spots in wood sills and frames, you’ll create a barrier against pests and save on energy bills by keeping warm air inside and cool air out.

Inspect The Roof

Take some time while the weather’s still nice to check on the roof. Look for gaps in eaves and flashing joints and fill holes in soffits and fascia. It’s also a good idea to trim trees back to eliminate access paths for animals that like to climb.

Check The Foundation

Similar to the roof, you’ll want to check for gaps or cracks in your home’s foundation. You’d be surprised at how easily animals can slip through even the smallest holes.

For all of your heating needs this season, call on the experts at Rusk Heating & Cooling. We’ve got years of experience under our belts and it’s our goal to keep you and your family comfortable all year ‘round.