How to Lower Home Energy Costs

Everyone wants to know how to lower home energy costs. This is especially true when seasons change and summer heat rears its ugly head.

As temperatures begin to rise here in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Indiana, you’ll want to keep the following tips in mind:

  • Close all windows and doors when the air conditioner is on
  • Check for air duct leaks
  • Make sure no ducts or vents are blocked
  • Reseal damaged weatherstripping
  • Replace older windows with low-E glass
  • Keep storm windows closed
  • Draw shades and curtains to reduce heat from the sun
  • Install awnings or plant trees to provide shade to south-facing windows
  • Keep furniture a few inches away from walls to promote air circulation
  • Only turn on the lights when you need them
  • Turn off all appliances when not in use
  • Avoid firing up the oven during the daytime
  • Run dishwashers, washing machines and dryers in the evening
  • Keep an eye on window condensation, which is a sign off excess humidity
  • Install ceiling fans, and only use them when you’re in the room

For more ideas on how to lower home energy costs, contact Rusk Heating & Cooling today! We’re dedicated to assisting you in finding a dependable, high-quality indoor comfort system that operates safely, can lower your monthly cost, reduce indoor air pollutants, and regulate temperature and humidity.

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What to Do Before Leaving For Spring Break

It’s spring break season. And for the luckiest among us, that means a vacation somewhere warm — preferably with palm trees.

Are you planning a springtime getaway? Before you head out the door, it’s important to look after your home. Here’s what to do before leaving for spring break:

1. Inspect all appliances and faucets

To ensure that you don’t come home to a fire or flood, turn off all appliances and faucets. Unplug all electronic devices, and turn off alarm clocks, coffee makers and other appliances that are on timers.

2. Turn down the heat

You can safely set the heat to 50 degrees while you’re away. This will keep energy costs low while preventing your pipes from freezing, too. If you’d like to adjust the temperature inside your home remotely, ask a Rusk Heating & Cooling  representative about the Infinity Control Thermostat by Carrier.

3. Ask a neighbor to pick up mail and newspapers

A pileup of newspapers and an overflowing mailbox are obvious signs that a home is unoccupied, making it an easy target for burglars. Talk to a trusted neighbor about picking up your mail and newspapers while you’re away.

4. Toss perishable foods

There’s nothing worse than coming home to a smelly refrigerator. Remove and throw away all perishable foods in order to avoid a stinky surprise.For more tips on what to do before leaving for spring break, contact Rusk Heating & Cooling today!

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Spring Cleaning for Your Air Conditioning System

Tomorrow is the first day of spring! If your cooling system has gone unused over the past few months, now’s the time to clean it up and look for potential issues. Let’s go over spring cleaning tips for your air conditioning system:

1. Replace the filter
According to the U.S. Department of Energy, “The most important maintenance task that will ensure the efficiency of your air conditioner is to routinely replace or clean its filters.” Dirty filters are easily clogged, and an obstruction of air flow can decrease the efficiency of your system. Plus, switching out that old filter for a clean one can lower your air conditioner’s energy consumption by 5 to 15 percent!
2. Clean all vents

A high efficiency cooling system can’t work to its full potential if your air ducts and vents are dirty. Duct cleaning, even in a new home, can result in lower energy bills and a cleaner indoor living environment. Rusk Heating & Cooling offers expert duct cleaning, so the air circulating inside your home is clean, conditioned and filtered properly.

3. Check freon levels

If your air conditioner is older, freon (or other refrigerant) levels could be low due to leaks. Allow us to inspect your system for proper freon levels. This will ensure that your home stays cool all spring and summer long.

Ready to spring clean your air conditioning system? Keep our number on-hand in case of emergency:

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An Overview of Our Videos

Heating and cooling isn’t exactly the easiest industry to understand. Terms like “compressor,” “diffuser,” and “expansion valve” may very well sound foreign to you. Here at Rusk Heating & Cooling, we get it. We aim to make your comfort simple and understandable.

Head over to our YouTube channel for information on Rusk Heating & Cooling! Here’s an overview of our videos to get you started:

Rusk Is the Name You Can Trust!

When it comes to keeping your home comfortable, Rusk is the name you can trust. This video offers a history of Rusk Heating & Cooling, takes a look at some of our customer reviews, and new U.S. Department of Energy efficiency standards.

Contractor Cincinnati | Northern KY | HVAC

Here, we delve into the services Rusk Heating & Cooling offers. We do it all! Whether you’re in need of routine maintenance, emergency repair, replacement equipment, or a completely new system, we’ve got you covered. Watch for more information.

Furnace Service & Repair Cincinnati | Northern Kentucky

In this video, we focus on furnace replacement, service and repairs. Furnace repair is, hands down, one of our most important services. Your furnace will play a large role in the comfort of your home! It helps you and your family get through the area’s notorious cold season.

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3 Common Thermostat Problems

Your home’s thermostat controls its level of comfort. It does this by measuring the temperature within your home against your desired setting. When your house gets too cool or too hot, your thermostat reports back to your heating and cooling system and requests heat or air.

If your thermostat is malfunctioning, then your home may become uncomfortable. Below, we outline three common thermostat problems.

1. It’s situated in direct sun

Is your thermostat in direct sunlight throughout the day? If so, then your home may often feel cold. That’s because the sun’s powerful rays can cause your thermostat to misread the temperature. As a result, your heating system doesn’t kick in.

2. It’s dirty

Dust, pollen and other debris can accumulate within your thermostat over time. When this happens, the thermostat may take inaccurate temperature readings. Be sure to clean inside its plastic housing!

3. It needs to be replaced

If your thermostat is outdated or broken, it may be time to invest in a new one. Today’s digital models are more accurate and can even save you money.

To learn more about common thermostat problems or to schedule a free consultation for replacing your system, call Rusk Heating & Cooling today:

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How Dry Winter Air Affects Your Health

A particularly brutal winter can be harsh on your body. The cold air can cause inflamed eyes, dry skin and irritated sinuses. Let’s take a closer look at how dry winter air affects your health:


Reader’s Digest Best Health reports that winter can be especially harsh on the eyes. From harmful sun glares to dry indoor air, your eyes are at risk of becoming irritated and your vision impaired. Wear sunglasses to avoid damage from the sun’s reflection, and try drinking more water to counteract the dry air’s effect on your vision.


Winter tends to suck the moisture out of skin, leaving it dry, cracked and itchy. WebMD recommends running a humidifier to add moisture to your home’s air. You can also try taking shorter showers and applying moisturizer to problem areas.


Humidifiers also come in handy for relieving winter congestion, advises Dry air tends to irritate our sinuses, making it easier to come down with a nasty infection. Humidifiers can transform the air within your home to eliminate this problem.

Don’t let dry winter air cause you pain and misery! Contact Rusk Heating & Cooling to learn about how we can help you control the humidity levels in your home.

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How to Schedule an Appointment with Rusk Heating & Cooling

Making an appointment with us is easy! We know that your heating emergency can’t wait, and that’s why we offer so many different ways to get in touch. Here’s a brief overview of how to schedule an appointment with Rusk Heating & Cooling.

Call us

We’re available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for emergency service. Need to give us a call? You can reach us by dialing any of the following numbers:

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Fill out our online form
If your heating or cooling issue doesn’t require immediate attention, perhaps you’d be more comfortable scheduling an appointment online. Simply head to our website to fill out our online form! We will be in touch with you shortly thereafter to confirm a date and time for your appointment.
Contact us by mail or email
You can also get in touch with Rusk Heating & Cooling via mail or email. We’re located at:
Rusk Heating & Cooling, Inc.
666 West 3rd Street
Covington, Kentucky 41011
If you’d prefer to email us, send all inquiries to
Scheduling an appointment with Rusk Heating & Cooling really is that straightforward! We look forward to assisting you. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube for more tips.

3 Reasons NOT to Buy a Used Furnace

Purchasing a used furnace is a huge gamble. It may not work properly, you’ll have no warranty, and you could end up with expensive repair costs. If you’re still considering buying a used furnace, read on below.

photo credit: IMG_1061.JPG via photopin (license)

3 Reasons NOT to Buy a Used Furnace

1. There is no guarantee it will function properly
If you’re shopping around for a used furnace online, you may not be getting all the information you need. Was it heavily used? Is the heat exchanger in good shape? Most importantly, is it safe? In short, there’s too much risk involved with purchasing a used furnace — it’s best to save money elsewhere.

2. It will be out of warranty
This means that parts and service will not be covered should anything go wrong. A new furnace, on the other hand, likely comes with at least a 10-year parts replacement warranty. You just can’t beat that!

3. Repair costs will be through the roof
This point ties into a lack of warranty. If you buy a used furnace with no warranty, whether you need parts or service, it will come straight out of your pocket. Sure, you may save money on the initial investment, but with repairs you could end up paying more than if you purchased a new furnace.
So if your current furnace is beyond repair, turn to Rusk Heating & Cooling. We offer a wide selection of energy-efficient furnaces that are cost-effective and, above all, safe. For more information on furnaces, call us today!
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Why Indoor Air Improvement is a 3-Sided Battle

Indoor air quality is a special of ours at Rusk Heating & Cooling. We understand that complete home comfort is about more than just temperature — it’s also about maintaining a healthy home with indoor air quality. We look at it as a three-sided battle.

Managing your indoor air quality can be a complex task. You have to take into consideration three different components:

1. Filtration – Removal of particulates from air flowing through heating and air conditioning equipment.

2. Humidity – Important for respiratory comfort, furniture and artwork preservation.

3. Infiltration – Air that leaks into your house in an uncontrolled manner.

An indoor air quality solution should address all three of these areas.

Why is it so important to focus on these three points? Air circulates within a home and become stale over time, potentially increasing the number of viruses, bacteria, pollen, smoke and odors. We can offer a variety of products and solutions designed to fit your budget and improve the quality of the air inside your home.

Call or click to contact us for a FREE indoor air quality evaluation from Rusk Heating & Cooling. We’ll determine if problems exist in the air you and your family breathe every day. We will customize an air quality solution to make your home as clean and healthy as it can be!

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How to Sleep Comfortably on a Cold Night

It’s cold out there. Real cold. And if you’re not a Rusk Heating & Cooling customer, your home may not be as warm as you’d like it to be.

As we mentioned last week, when your bedroom is too chilly, your quality of sleep can be compromised. We don’t want that to happen to you! Let’s discuss how to sleep comfortable on a cold night.

1. Wear the right PJs

According to the UK Sleep Council, natural fibers — like wool, cotton and silk — are better at keeping you warm than synthetic materials. Look at the tags on your pajamas to figure out what they’re made of. It can make a big difference!

2.  Use a hot water bottle

This old-fashioned trick really works. Keep a hot water bottle by the foot of your bed for a little extra warmth on cold nights. As Life Hacker points out, it “won’t need to be turned off like a space heater or electric blanket.” Warmer and safer!

3. Make a draft stopper

Also known as a draft dodger or draft snake, this handy guy will prevent drafts from entering your bedroom. Simply place one at the button of your door or window to block out chilly air. Click the link for instructions on how to make your own!

Tired of trying to figure out how to sleep comfortably on a cold night? Then call the experts of Rusk Heating & Cooling! We’ll keep you cool and comfortable on hot summer days, and warm and cozy on cold winter nights.

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