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  • 3 Common Furnace Repairs
    3 Common Furnace Repairs

    According to Energy.gov , most people in the U.S. use furnaces or boilers to heat their homes. And that means that many people have to fix their furnaces when they run into heating problems. With that ...

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  • How to Spot a Quality Heating Contractor
    How to Spot a Quality Heating Contractor

    Not all heating and cooling contractors are the same. There's colossal variation when it comes to the competence and ethics of heating and air contractors. We at Rusk Heating & Cooling take a personal ...

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  • How Do Heat Pumps Work?
    How Do Heat Pumps Work?

    At Rusk Heating & Cooling, we’re always looking for new ways to be more energy-efficient and save our customers money. If you use electricity to heat your home, we recommend considering an ...

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