3 Tips on Keeping Your Home Warm For Less

3 Tips on Keeping Your Home Warm For Less

Let's be honest: The only thing that might be important than staying warm is how much it's going to cost. Far too many homeowners choose to keep their houses cold in the winter months because they have a budget. However, you can have a comfortable house and a fat wallet! Below are three tips on keeping your home warm for less:

1. Try not to use the fire place

This one may surprise you. According to This Old House, "An open fireplace damper lets the same amount of heated air escape up the chimney as a wide-open 48-inch window lets out." Wow! That's why it's so important to keep your flu closed when your fire place isn't in use.

2. Keep your blinds open

South-facing windows are hit with warm sunlight during the day. In the winter, keep the drapes and blinds on these windows open to naturally warm your home. Once nighttime falls, close them up again to ease the chill you might feel from cold windows.

3. Clean your filters

If your home's heat uses a furnace, be sure to clean its filters regularly. This will ensure that air continues to flow at an ideal rate. You should also clean out filters within your air duct system.

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