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Easy Ways to Keep Your AC Running Smoothly

Keeping your air conditioner in good shape is less expensive and complicated than you probably think. Best of all, it won't even take you a full day!

Easy Ways to Keep Your AC Running Smoothly

Warning: Before performing any of the following maintenance tips, be sure to turn off power to your air conditioning unit:
  • Find the shut-off box near your exterior condenser/compressor
  • Switch off the power at your breaker box
Here are a few ways to keep your AC unit running smoothly:
  1. Vacuum away leaves and other debris from the exterior condenser/compressor
  2. Use your hose to blast away any dirt or debris from the fins
  3. Straighten out the fins with a butter knife
  4. Clean up the area around your unit; allow for at least 2 feet of clearance in all directions
  5. Make sure your unit is level
  6. Dust off your compressor coils
Following these steps will not fix a broken air conditioner, but it will help your unit run more efficiently. A better-running air conditioner will also last longer!

If your air conditioning unit does require repairs, contact the specialists of Rusk Heating & Cooling. You can rely on our team of factory-trained professionals to provide prompt, expert service!

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