Tips for Blocking Out Heat & Keeping Cool Air Inside

Tips for Blocking Out Heat & Keeping Cool Air Inside

Air leaks can also be looked at as money leaks. In the summer, they let cool air leave your home, driving up your utility bills.

Although summertime is more than a month away, temperatures in our area are already exceeding 80 degrees. Having said that, here are some tips for blocking out heat and keeping cool air inside:

Find the leaks. Using a flashlight at night, look for possible gaps. You can also detect leaks with a fan -- if air is being pushed through, there's an undesirable amount of space.

Buy a door sweep. These are great for sealing up the space underneath doors. Without one, cool air could be escaping from between the bottom of a door and threshold.

Purchase and install weather stripping. You should buy enough for all the windows and doors in your home. Remember, it's better to overestimate than to underestimate! Follow the instructions on the package.

Install caulking. Look for high-quality silicone caulking that can survive hot summer temperatures. Don't forget to remove old caulking first to ensure an effective seal.
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