Energy Conservation Tips for Fall & Winter

Energy Conservation Tips for Fall & Winter

Winter is less than one month away. The season's joys can often be overshadowed by costly heating bills. No more!

Follow these energy conservation tips starting today for comfy, cozy and more affordable holiday season:

Energy Conservation Tips for Fall and Winter - Furnace Repairs Cincinnati

1. Outfit your fireplace with an airtight door. This will help prevent warm air from leaking through your chimney. You'll be amazed at the energy savings!

2. Purchase quilted curtains. Drafty windows are no match for quilted curtains. They're designed to keep heat in, helping your home feel warmer at a lower temperature.

3. Invest in a space heater. Rather than turning up the heat for your entire house, use a space heater to warm up areas where family members hang out, like the living room.

4. Sear air leaks. Caulk leaky areas in your basement and attic. For larger gaps, pick up expanding foam spray.

5. Let the light in. On sunny days, open your drapes and blinds and invite those warm rays inside. What's better than free heat? Just be sure to close them once night falls.

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