Plumbing Tasks To Leave To The Pros

Plumbing Tasks To Leave To The Pros

If you're a homeowner, we're sure at one point or another you've heard the term DIY (do it yourself). While DIY may be a good option for redecorating or repurposing, when it comes to plumbing, it should be left to the pros! To avoid plumbing nightmares and costly repairs, be sure to leave the following to your local plumber.

Water pressure.
If you happen to notice the water pressure in your shower or kitchen sink are low, your first instinct may be to want to fix it yourself and grab the toolbox. However, low water pressure is most likely due to a larger issue that should be left to a professional. Should you try and fix it yourself, you could potentially be making the issue worse or causing more damage.

Frozen pipes.
If you find yourself faced with frozen pipes, you may have heard the best thing to do it grab a hair dryer or space heater and all will be fixed. Again, this is not the answer. Trying to thaw frozen pipes on your own can lead to major disaster such as cracking or bursting the already affected pipe. In this situation, pick up your phone immediately and call your plumber.

Line blockage.
A toilet or sink backup or overflow definitely falls under the plumbing nightmare category. On the other hand, trying to fix a line blockage issue yourself can turn into even a bigger one. We know homeowners often try to fix issues on their own to avoid costly repairs, however, in the long run you will be spending more if you take the risk of fixing the issue on your own without the proper training or tools.

Should you be faced with a plumbing nightmare, please don't try and fix it on your own! Rusk Heating and Cooling is here to help fix any issue that may arrise, big or small. 

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