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Get Your Heating System Ready For Cooler Temps RIGHT NOW

Picture this: the first cool of the fall season comes quickly and you go to turn on the heat for the first time only to find that it doesn’t work. The horror! You might be saying to yourself “this won’t happen to me,” but if you don’t take some time now to make sure your system is operating properly guess what, you might find yourself in this situation. Since you probably haven’t given your home’s heating system much thought, if any at all, since the last cold day back around March this is your reminder. Even though temperatures in Northern Kentucky are still relatively warm, cooler air will be settling in before you know it. In order to get your furnace prepared here’s what you should do right now:
  • Clean or replace the filter. If you’re on top of your maintenance and did this at the end of the season a few months back, then feel free to skip this step. But make yourself a note to change the filter again a month or so into the heating season.
  • Switch the thermostat from cooling to heating to make sure the heat kicks on.
  • Make sure the burners and the area around the furnace are free of debris and dust. Use a vacuum with soft bristles if you find that your system is dirty.
  • Clean up your air vents and ducts. Remove vent covers with a screwdriver and use the extension hose of your vacuum to get rid of dust.
We also strongly recommend calling in an expert for preventative maintenance. A heating and cooling system is a huge investment that you depend on daily. Our Maintenance Agreements can help make sure your system stays reliable and efficient for a long, long time. We service nearly every type and brand of heating and air conditioning equipment ever made. Professionally cleaning and maintaining your heating system increases its longevity and maintains its factory-specified efficiency. Call the pros at Rusk Heating & Cooling today at 513-771-4040.