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Preparing Your Home For Vacation

Vacation Tips | Energy Efficiency Tips | Kentucky Heating & Cooling | Rusk Heating & CoolingHeading out of town for vacation this month? Well, aren't you a lucky duck! We hope you have a wonderful, relaxing trip but before you leave there are a few things you need to do around your home. After all, you don't want to be paying for energy at home that you won't be using, right?
  • Turn Down The Water Heater: this energy guzzler accounts for nearly 20% of annual costs so we recommend turning it down a few degrees while you're away. Some models have "vacation mode" so turn the knob to that setting if applicable.
  • Set Your Thermostat: you don't need the house to be kept at a cool 70°F if you won't be back home for a few days. Raising it 10 degrees can help you save money while getting rid of excess humidity from time to time.
  • Close Shades or Curtains: prevent the sun's warm rays from penetrating through windows and doors by closing shades, curtains or blinds. This will help your house stay cool in the afternoon when the sun is most intense.
  • Turn Off The Lights: you can keep one or two left on for security purposes but be sure to turn the majority of your lights off. We also recommend switching out your old bulbs with energy efficient LEDs.
Now that you've packed your bags, taken care of these tasks and locked up the house it's time to enjoy your vacation! And remember, when you need HVAC specialists in Northern Kentucky be sure to call on the experts at Rusk Heating & Cooling!