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How To Prevent Fires This Holiday Season

How To Prevent Fires This Holiday Season | Heating Company Northern Kentucky | Rusk Heating & Cooling Did you know that candles were the original holiday lights? As you might imagine, they posed fire hazards for years until the invention of the modern light bulb, which is why they're put to blame for a majority of all house fires during the holidays. But those aren't the only things that could cause your house to go up in flames this holiday season - take a close look at the tips below in order to keep your family and your home safe this year.
  • Keep your Christmas tree at least three feet away from all heat sources. This includes fireplaces, heat vents, portable heaters and candles.
  • Remember to water your tree daily. Dry trees tend to be more susceptible to catching fire.
  • Never place lit candles within reach of a child or a pet. This also applies to lighters, matches and any other sources that can produce flames.
  • If you must use a portable space heater for extra warmth this winter, keep them away from any and all flammable items. Aside from the tree, curtains, blinds, carpets and loose clothing can all catch fire in a matter of seconds.
  • If you plan on using a heating pad or heated blanket to stay warm before bed, remember to turn it off prior to falling asleep. You can also use this as a reminder to turn off all interior decorations and other electronic devices inside your home.
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