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How to Save on Heating Costs for the Holidays

Imagine if you could save 25% or more on heating costs this winter? That would be a nice holiday gift, wouldn't it? You may be thinking to yourself that it's impossible to accomplish, but quite frankly, you'd be wrong. There are lots of ways to save energy, so try them out as your guests start arriving for Christmas or Hanukkah this year. How to Save on Heating Costs for the Holidays | Heating Company Northern Kentucky | Rusk Heating & Cooling
  1. Lower your thermostat a few degrees. Just by lowering the temperature 1 degree for 8 hours each day, you can save nearly 5% on energy bills. We recommend keeping it set to 68ºF or lower during the day and 66ºF or lower at night.
  2. Consider replacing older heating equipment with ENERGY STAR appliances instead. Newer technology allows for heating equipment to be much more efficient.
  3. Let sunshine in during the day. The sun's warm rays can help to heat your home without cranking up the thermostat.
  4. Rearrange your furniture. Move couches and chairs to interior walls of the room rather than underneath windows. Exterior walls, windows and doors are likely to be drafty this time of year.
  5. If you're going to be cooking all day, you can get away with turning the thermostat down even further. Your large kitchen appliances such as the stove and the oven give off lots of heat and you'd be surprised at how much they can heat up the kitchen and surrounding rooms.
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