Don't Believe These Electric Heat Pump Myths

Don't Believe These Electric Heat Pump Myths

Here at Rusk Heating & Cooling, we specialize in energy-efficient heat pump systems. However, we find that some customers are wary of investing in this type of equipment -- usually because of a rumor they heard about cost or lifespan.

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Below, we debunk electric heat pump myths:

MYTH #1: Electric heat pumps are more expensive than oil and gas heaters.

FALSE! While individual savings will vary, multiple studies have found that switching to an electric heat pump will help you save up to $2,000 a year in energy costs.

MYTH #2: Because they run year-round, electric heat pumps have a shorter lifespan.

FALSE! The most common causes of heat pump failure -- like dirt, lack of service and improper application -- are preventable. Just because a heat pump is used throughout the year, doesn't mean it won't last. Just think of your car, for example!

MYTH #3: Electric heat pumps won't work in cold temperatures.

FALSE! Even at temperatures as low as 5 degrees, electric heat pumps will offer 100 percent heating capacity. For colder climates, they function as excellent supplements to existing heating equipment.

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