How to Improve Indoor Air Quality in the Winter

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality in the Winter

During the winter months, most of us do our best to shut out the cold outside air. The result is a warmer home, but at what cost? Unfortunately, a winter-tight home often makes for less-than-ideal indoor air quality.

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Follow these tips to maintain good air quality in your home this season:

  • Don't wait until spring to clean- Many of us put off major home cleaning until spring, as per tradition. But now's the time to make sure your home is free of dust and dirt. Otherwise, all that grime will be trapped inside this winter.
  • Wipe your feet- Better yet, take off your shoes before you enter your home. Doing so will help keep outdoor dirt and pollutants out of your house. We also recommend asking your other family members and any guests to do the same.
  • Keep house plants- Lots of plants naturally filter out air contaminants. Some plants -- like the bamboo palm, dracaena, and philodendron -- are especially effective.
  • Air-dry your dishes- Avoid using the dishwasher, and instead allow your dishes to dry naturally. Doing so will help add moisture to dry indoor air.
  • Vacuum often- Pay extra attention to your carpets this time of year, as they tend to trap dirt, dust and other allergens. You may want to vacuum more than usual in the winter to protect allergy sufferers.
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