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Dangers of Low Humidity Levels Inside Your Home

Itchy eyes. Bloody nose. Irritated throat. These are just a few of the side effects that come along with low humidity levels inside the home and with temperatures on a steady decline, the air is drying out rather quickly. You may be aware that controlling humidity levels is vital in the summertime, but did you know that it's just as important to keep it regulated during the winter, too? Dangers of Low Humidity Levels Inside Your Home | Humidifiers Northern Kentucky | Rusk Heating & Cooling What is Humidity? First are foremost, let's start off by explaining what humidity is. It's a measure of the amount of water vapor in the air and it directly contributes to a number of health concerns. But it goes beyond that even - when humidity levels drop below the recommended value of around 40% - 60%, anything made of wood inside your home can suffer as well. Health Issues Notice that your skin starts to dry out as soon as temperatures drop during the fall and winter months? This is a result of humidity levels dropping and water vapor being removed from the air. In addition to dry skin, you may notice a resurgence of allergies, frequent sore throats and nasal irritation. Effects on Home Furnishings A low humidity level not only can put your health at risk, it can also cause damage to furnishings, causing wood to split or warp. You know those cracks you have in overhead beams? Maybe you've noticed that wooden doors look like they no longer fill out their frames. These issues can all be attributed to dropping humidity levels inside your home. But there's no need to worry! The expert technicians at Rusk Heating & Cooling are here to help! We can assess your home's humidity needs and design a year-round solution. Our service plan ensures your home's humidifier is operating at peak performance, keeping a consistent and comfortable level of humidity all year long. Call us today at (859) 405-0414 .