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Energy-Saving Tips for Turkey Day

Thanksgiving is almost here, which means it's time to give thanks and enjoy a delicious home cooked meal. One thing the hosts of the holiday won't be thankful for - the high energy and heating bills they will likely receive at the end of the month. But you shouldn't have to cancel the holiday altogether in fear of your homes energy consumption rising through the roof. Here are some easy ways to reduce unnecessary energy and heating use while still enjoying your holiday. Energy-Saving Tips For Turkey Day | Heating Company Northern Kentucky | Rusk Heating & Air Turn down your stove or turn it off. It may not be necessary to have your stove on as long, or set as high, as the recipe calls for. Don't preheat the oven for dishes that need to bake longer than an hour. And, if your stovetop or oven is electric, turn it off 5-10 minutes before the dish is done - the residual heat will finish the job. Don't peak! It is common to open the oven to check on the progress of your delicious dishes. But, your oven uses energy every time it needs to heat up so try to keep your oven door closed. Frequent peaking is self-defeating. Each time the oven door opens, the temperature can be reduced by as much as 25 degrees. Give your furnace the day off. If you're hosting Thanksgiving dinner, you're bound to be slaving over the stove to feed your family and friends. The heat from the oven, mixed with the heat given off from all of your guests, will keep the temperature comfortable so your furnace won't have to do any work. To help distribute the heat throughout the room, you may want to turn on your ceiling fan. Make use of your smaller appliances. Don't neglect your crock pot, microwave, or toaster oven during the holidays. These appliances are perfect for heating up the smaller dishes on the menu and are a huge energy-saving option. Over the same cooking time, the average toaster can use up to half the energy of the average electric stove. Don't forget about your dishwasher. Hand washing during the holidays leads to a waste of hot water. Scrape your plates, wait for a full load, and allow your dishwasher to do the rest! We hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving and if you notice any heating problems in your home, don't hesitate to reach out to the experts at Rusk Heating & Cooling. We have been providing repair and maintenance services to our Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky clients for over 145 years!