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Save on Energy Bills by Insulating Water Pipes

Save on Energy Bills by Insulating Water Pipes | Northern Kentucky Heating | Rusk Heating & Cooling Did you know that insulating your hot water pipes can raise the temperature of the water by 2°F - 4°F? Take a look around your house and know that if your pipes are not insulated you're wasting money on energy bills. While it may not sound like an astronomical figure when it comes to savings, every little bit counts. Here's what you need to know: First Determine the type of insulation you want to use. Some common types of pipe insulation include pipe sleeves or strips of fiberglass insulation. Both can be purchased from a local hardware or home improvement store. Keep in mind that if you have a gas water heater, insulation should be kept at least 6 inches away from the flue. Next Once you have the materials you need, measure the pipes. Start at the heater and work your way outward. The first three feet of pipe coming from the water heater are the most important when it comes to insulating. Then cut the pipe sleeves to desired lengths, place it over the pipes and secure with tape, wires or a clamp. Last Now that your hot water pipes are insulated, you can look forward to 3-4% savings on your annual energy bills. For expert heating solutions in Northern Kentucky this season, call on the trusted professionals at Rusk Heating & Cooling.