Is a Ductless HVAC System Really Worth the Money?

Is a Ductless HVAC System Really Worth the Money?

Time to finally get rid of that old heating and cooling system and upgrade to something a bit more modern? This is often a very big decision for homeowners, especially during the extremely cold or extremely warm months of the year. Chances are you’re thinking “do I really need to upgrade right away or will my current system last a few more seasons? Does it make sense to spend the money on a brand new system or should I continue on with what I have?”

Is It Worth The Money?

When it comes to deciding on whether or not to upgrade to a new HVAC system, the financials can sway your thoughts one way or the other. So, is a new ductless heating and cooling system really worth the money? There are a few things to consider:

  • How much you typically spend on repairs each year

  • How much you’re spending on monthly utility bills

  • The current age and lifespan of your old system

  • The efficiency of your old system

To explain further, if you’re spending hundreds of dollars each year on repairs to keep your system running, or if it’s approaching 10-15 years in age, it probably makes sense to upgrade. Ductless HVAC systems can be up to 25% more efficient than older systems and they’ll be much less likely to need repairs especially during the first few years.

Ideal Situations For Ductless HVAC

It doesn’t make sense to go with a ductless heating and cooling system in every application. Here’s a list of some of the more ideal situations - so you can enjoy comfort all year ‘round without spending a fortune in energy bills:

  • Additions, apartments or bonus rooms

  • Downsizing from a much larger home

  • The need for multiple temperatures under one roof

  • Supporting an existing heating and cooling system

  • A house without room for bulky ductwork

Still unsure about whether or not ductless heating and cooling makes sense for you? That’s where we come in! Give the friendly staff at Rusk Heating & Cooling a call today - we’re more than happy to discuss!


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