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#FAQFRIDAY: How Do Heat Pump Systems Work?

How Do Heat Pump Systems Work? | Heat Pump Installation | Rusk Heating & CoolingDid you know that a central heat pump helps maintain comfortable temperatures inside your home all year 'round? And that's just one of the benefits of having a heat pump system installed in your home. See below to find out how they work and why you may want to consider one as colder temperatures make their way into town this winter. How Heat Pump Systems Work The overall process is quite simple. Heat pumps use electricity as their energy source to heat and cool a home by transferring heat between two reservoirs. During the summer months, they act like air conditioners by removing the heat from inside of your home and sending it off to the exterior. The opposite holds true during the winter. Heat from outdoor air is extracted and transferred inside. Believe it or not, temperatures can dip down below 32°F and still produce enough heat to create a cozy home. The Benefits
  • Energy-Efficient: central heat pumps help maintain comfortable temperatures and humidity levels all year. Most models cost less to operate than central heating or cooling systems.
  • Clean Air: sophisticated filters remove harmful airborne particles like dust, lint and bacteria so you breathe in nothing but fresh, clean air.
  • Quiet Operation: tired of hearing the loud noises your current hvac system makes? With a heat pump system, the compressor-bearing unit is located outside so you rarely hear it at all. And the noise level inside your home will be much lower than a standard air handling unit.
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