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Which Water Heating System is BEST For You?

Did you know that the average United States household spends roughly $500 each year on water heating? With a price tag like that, it's no wonder water heating is the second largest expense in your home, making up roughly 18% of your utility bills. In order to keep these bills in check, it's important to invest in an energy-saving water heater for your home. Which Water Heating System is BEST For You? | Rusk Heating & Cooling With that being said, there are lots of different water heater types out there and they work in very different ways. While a certain model or type might be best for your neighbor's house, the same may not be true for yours. Types of Water Heaters:
  • Storage: this type of water heater holds a reservoir of hot water and releases it when you turn on the faucet. These models tend to have lower purchase costs but standby heat loss can occur which wastes energy even when you're not using hot water.
  • Tankless: these water heaters provide hot water whenever you need it, and only as needed. In other words, there's no tank or reservoir that holds water while it's not being used. They're much more efficient than storage models but cost a bit more upfront.
  • Tankless Coil: similar to a regular tankless water heater, this type of equipment provides hot water on demand when you turn on the faucet. Water is heated as it flows through a heating coil, but it's inefficient in lots of homes especially in warmer climates.
  • Heat Pump: these water heaters use electricity to move heat from one place to another instead of generating it directly. You can save nearly $300 a year on electricity bills via ENERGY STAR models, but they work best in areas that remain between 40°F and 90°F year-round.
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