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5 Ways to Refresh Your Home for the New Year
5 Ways to Refresh Your Home for the New Year

After the Christmas holidays, the house needs a lot of redecoration to lighten the mood for another year. Through refurbishment and reusing available material, one can change the outlook of a household. Therefore, just like the way you change your hairstyle and garments ...

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Blog Posts in 2018

  • How to Keep Your Boiler from Freezing

    A frozen boiler can cause big problems for you. You can count on there being a shutdown or at least a significant loss in productivity if your boiler ...

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  • Common Furnace Problems

    We love our furnaces but seldom think about them; that is until they stop working. There are several common furnace problems to keep in mind as the ...

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  • Is It Okay to Use A Cheap HVAC Air Filter?

    There is an old saying that says "something is worth what someone is will to pay for it." While this may be true to a point, it doesn't mean that you ...

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  • Why Is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air?

    Why Is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air? If your furnace starts blowing cold air then it’s time to start investigating. The last thing you want to happen ...

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  • Will Zoned Heating Save Me Money?

    Keeping everybody in your home comfortable can be a nightmare! Especially at this time of year. Some members of your household are too warm. Some are ...

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  • Signs you need a new Thermostat

    If you are having problems with your heating or cooling system, you should have it checked by a technician. If your system does not respond to ...

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  • 3 Common Furnace Repairs

    When you encounter problems with your home heating, you may find yourself racing for furnace repairs. This is especially true for homeowners in ...

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  • Should I Get My Dryer Vents Cleaned?

    As a homeowner, you’d be familiar with the basics of caring for dyers. For example, cleaning out the lint after every load becomes a habit, but what’s ...

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  • Which Allergies Are Commonly Founds in My Ducts?

    Dust in and of itself is not an allergen according to the Wexner Medical Center at Ohio State University. However, dust mites that feed on dead skin ...

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