It’s summertime, and everyone’s looking for the best way to stay cool for less. Unfortunately, a lot of what you hear from friends, family and others who really do mean well probably isn’t true.
 3 Home Cooling Myths Debunked

Rusk Heating & Cooling to the rescue! Below, we’ve debunked a few common home cooling myths:

MYTH #1: Fans cool rooms

THE TRUTH: While fans can cool people off, they can’t actually lower a room’s temperature. That’s because fans rely on wind chill effect to provide relief from the heat.

MYTH #2: The bigger the A/C, the better

THE TRUTH: It’s important that you choose the right size air conditioner for your home, not necessarily the largest size. In fact, if your air conditioning unit is too big, you’ll just end up spending more than necessary on energy!

MYTH #3: Setting the temperature lower will cool your home faster

THE TRUTH: Most air conditioners are designed to work at a constant pace, only turning off when your home has reached the right temperature. “So turning the temperature way down won’t cool it faster, it just means you might end up with a frigid house if you forget to readjust the thermostat once you hit a comfortable temperature, wasting money and energy,” reports Fox News.