As we head deeper into winter, we’re all looking for ways to save on home heating. Having said that, it’s important to be wary of home heating myths, some which can actually be counterproductive.

Three home heating myths, debunked by Rusk Heating & Cooling:

MYTH 1: The higher you set your thermostat, the faster your home will warm up

It doesn’t matter if you set your thermostat to 70 degrees or 85 degrees, your heating system will produce air at the same rate. It works just as hard to warm a house, no matter what the desired temperature. Set your thermostat to room temperature and you should be OK!

MYTH 2: You can save money by using space heaters

If you think you can save money on home heating by using space heaters to heat up a few rooms, you’re wrong. Fox News reports: “Using electricity to heat your home can cost between three to five times what it costs to heat the same space with a gas furnace, which means it might cost the same to heat just a few rooms.” Electricity is far more expensive than natural gas!

MYTH 3: Your ceiling fan is of no useceiling fan attached to a wood ceiling
Most of us have cooled down under a ceiling fan in the hot summer months. What you may not know is that ceiling fans can boost your home’s energy efficiency in the winter, too! Change its settings to turn clockwise, and your ceiling fan will actually work to keep warm air where it’s needed — down by you.

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