Looking for a few ways to cut back on energy consumption this summer? We know how difficult it can be when temperatures in the Greater Covington area soar during the summer months. But contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to rush over to the thermostat to stay cool. Try these natural cooling tips instead! Person Closing the Blinds

  1. Keep the shades and blinds drawn during the day. The sun’s warm, penetrating rays cause your home to heat up drastically during the daytime hours but you can prevent this from happening by keeping them from coming through your windows and doors.
  2. Avoid using the stove or the oven to cook your meals as both of these appliances will heat up your home. Instead, make a cold cut sandwich or use the barbecue to grill up your favorite meats and veggies.
  3. Keep the windows open while you sleep at night. Temperatures tend to drop after the sun goes down so this is a great time to open up. Not only will some of the hot air from inside escape, it’ll allow a cool breeze to fill your home. Just remember to close them in the morning before it gets hot out again.

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