3 Quick Fixes to Save on Heating Costs this Winter Is the chilly Kentucky winter running up your utility bills? While free heating is unrealistic, there are some simple ways to cut costs and improve the efficiency of your system. All it takes is a few extra hours this weekend and you could save anywhere from 10-25% of the warm air that your home is losing right now!

Plastic Film Science says that air wants to move from where it is hot to where it is cold and that is one of the main reasons drafts occur. One popular way homeowners have found to stop this scientific process is plastic film. It’s cheap, simple to apply, and it is effective in locking in the heat you pay for. Just press the film down to the window and use a hair dryer to seal it.

Draft Snakes This one is fairly common and it can be used on windows or doors to help stop drafts. You can buy one in the store or you can make one yourself following the directions below:

  • Take an old tube of fabric, like a sock or rolled up pillowcase.
  • Fill it with rice.
  • Add a rubber band to the open end and close it up.
  • Voila, your very own draft snake!

Caulk When we install doors and windows, they often don’t fit perfectly in their frames and this leaves small cracks that air can enter and escape from. To seal these cracks, go to the local hardware store and purchase some caulk and a caulk gun. After a few hours of careful application, your home should be operating more efficiently than it was before. Drafts might not seem like a big deal, but they are costing you money and no homeowner should take that lightly.

Another thing that could be costing you is an inefficient heating system and we can help get you back on track. Just call the heating experts at Rusk Heating & Cooling or click around on our website!