Purchasing a used furnace is a huge gamble. It may not work properly, you’ll have no warranty, and you could end up with expensive repair costs. If you’re still considering buying a used furnace, read on below.Furnacephoto credit: IMG_1061.JPG via photopin (license)3 Reasons NOT to Buy a Used Furnace1. There is no guarantee it will function properlyIf you’re shopping around for a used furnace online, you may not be getting all the information you need. Was it heavily used? Is the heat exchanger in good shape? Most importantly, is it safe? In short, there’s too much risk involved with purchasing a used furnace — it’s best to save money elsewhere.2. It will be out of warrantyThis means that parts and service will not be covered should anything go wrong. A new furnace, on the other hand, likely comes with at least a 10-year parts replacement warranty. You just can’t beat that!3. Repair costs will be through the roofThis point ties into a lack of warranty. If you buy a used furnace with no warranty, whether you need parts or service, it will come straight out of your pocket. Sure, you may save money on the initial investment, but with repairs you could end up paying more than if you purchased a new furnace.So if your current furnace is beyond repair, turn to Rusk Heating & Cooling. We offer a wide selection of energy-efficient furnaces that are cost-effective and, above all, safe. For more information on furnaces, call us today!Northern Kentucky: (859) 405-0414
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