Summer’s on its last legs, and you’re probably using the A/C less and less. Have you put any thought into where you’ll store your window units once autumn rolls in?
3 Tips for Storing Window AC Units | AC Service Cincinnati
It’s important to remove window air conditioners when not in-use. This will protect them from dirty and debris, better insulate your home and prevent heat from escaping. Follow these tips to get the job done right:

1. Find a safe spot

Leaving your window air conditioning unit on the floor is just asking for someone to trip and fall. Safely transport your equipment to a shed or garage to keep it out of the way during the cooler months.

2. Give it a good clean

Your air conditioner has been working all summer to keep your home comfortable. Before stowing it away, clean the filter, inner components and the exterior. This way, when you’re ready to reinstall next spring, you’ll have less work on your hands.

3. Invest in a winterizing cover

Even when kept somewhere safe, a window AC unit can be negatively affected by brutally cold temperatures or invaded by insects in search of warmth. You should be able to find a winterizing cover at just about any home improvement store. Be sure to measure your air conditioner first to get the appropriate size.

If you’re not sure what to do with your air conditioner in preparation for fall, contact Rusk Heating & Cooling.