Let’s face it – it can get downright frigid during the winter months and sometimes, the inside of your home can feel almost as cold as if you were standing outside. The worst part is, lots of homeowners find themselves stuck in a position of whether to crank up the thermostat, which could cost hundreds of dollars over time, or continue to suffer through the cold. Well, you’ll be happy to hear there are plenty of ways you can make your home feel warmer for under $100.

  1. Add Rugs or Carpets to Cold Floors: there may not be a worse feeling than stepping barefoot onto a freezing tile or wood floor. Well, you can add area rugs or carpets to these rooms of your house for a much warmer feel. Not only will it feel better on your feet, rugs and carpets can actually act as insulators during the winter.

  2. Utilize the Sun: this can obviously be difficult on cloudy or snowy days, but when the sun is shining open your curtains and blinds wide. Allow the sun’s warm rays to penetrate through windows and doors and your house will instantly feel a few degrees warmer. The best part? This method is absolutely free!

  3. Skip Going Out to Eat: there are a number of benefits that come along with this one. Not only will you save money by eating in, you can use the heat produced by the oven or stove to warm the kitchen and surrounding rooms. We recommend leaving the oven door open for a few minutes after your meal is cooked and the oven is turned off.

  4. Cozy Up With Flannel: swap out your cotton bed sheets for flannel to stay warm and toasty while you sleep. We also suggest equipping seating areas of the living room or den with cozy flannel throw blankets. After all, there’s nothing like snuggling up on the couch with a warm blanket on a cold winter day.

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