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Rusk Heating & Cooling | 150 Years of Service

Did you know that Rusk Heating & Cooling has been in business for 150 years? Owner Steve Morrison takes a look at our history. Since 1865, we’ve worked hard to earn your trust!

Air Conditioning Repairs Covington | Rusk Heating & Cooling

It may be fall, but some of us are still using our air conditioning systems on warm days. Find out all about Rusk Heating & Cooling’s air conditioning repair services in the Greater Covington area as well as Northern Kentucky and Indiana. We’re dedicated to assisting you in finding a dependable, high-quality indoor comfort system that operates safely, can lower your monthly costs, reduce indoor air pollutants, and regulate temperature and humidity!

Broken Furnace Repair Covington | Rusk Heating & Cooling

Is your heating system ready for winter? Your furnace will play a large role in the comfort of your home for you and your family, this and every winter, as it helps residents get through the area’s notorious cold season. Allow the experts at Rusk Heating & Cooling to make sure your system stays in its proper working order.

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