Maintaining air quality is important. The air you breathe affects everything about your life. When you have pets it becomes even more important, and more difficult to maintain good air quality, both for yourself and them. Here are some tips that can help you maintain air quality and keep you and your furry friends happy and healthy.

Use A High Quality HVAC Filter

A good air filter is a key to good air quality. Make sure you use a good quality filter that is designed to filter out pollen and pet dander. You should have regular inspections to make sure the system is working properly, and replace the filter as needed.

Brush Your Pets

An important and often overlooked part of keeping your air quality high is proper care of your pets. Brushing and shampooing your pets can help cut down on dander, which is a major contributor to air pollution.

You should also give your pets their own bed. This will help to contain any shed hair and dander to one place that can be easily cleaned.

Get an Air Purifier

A good filter and maintaining a clean home will help reduce the amount of air pollution that pets cause, but will not completely eliminate it. A good air purifier can help eliminate further dander and other contaminants from the air in your home, making it easier to breathe.

Control the Humidity

When it is too humid or too dry, it is more than just uncomfortable. Humidity can affect the skin of your pet. If it is too dry, your pet’s skin will be irritated and they will shed more skin, hair or dander. A humidifier can help control this.

Taking care of these things can help improve the air quality in your home and make living with pets easier. Rusk Heating & Cooling can help you improve the quality of your air by providing you with the services you need to ensure that you and your pet are comfortable.

The professionals at Rusk Heating & Cooling can help offer specialized air quality improvement services by controlling the humidity and checking and replacing air filters.