The best temperature to keep the thermostat in summer

The human body is sometimes tricky to handle. The body has no ideal temperature that it can be comfortable with. During winter, everybody wishes that the sun could show up at least for a minute. Everybody misses summer times. When summer shows up few months after winter, our bodies yearn for some cool breezes. We connect air conditioners and fans at our homes.

All we try to achieve at this time is to escape the summer heat. After some days, electricity bills hit the sky, and one is left tied between paying high electricity bills or stay sweaty due to summer heat. It becomes uncomfortable to deal with the weather.

Thermostats are believed to be high electricity consumers. However, they offer excellent cooling effects in the house during summer. The recommended temperature to set your thermostat at when you are at home is 78 degrees F (26 degrees C). This temperature is a bit high keeping it in mind that your electricity meter is running. You can purchase a dehumidifier from Rusk Heating & Cooling to help you cut down your electricity bills.

It is recommendable to leave your thermostat turned up anytime you go out of the house for more than two hours. You find a warm home when you come back making you feel more comfortable. However, you need to turn it up seven to ten degrees F (2-3 degrees C) higher than when you are inside the house. This habit can help you to save more than 10% on cooling costs. Unfortunately, you can not achieve this if you don’t have a programmable thermostat.

The programmable thermostat is very beneficial when it comes to cooling your house. It has settings that help it function better than a standard thermostat. A standard thermostat needs to be set manually for it to change temperature levels when you leave and enter the house.

A programmable thermostat can be configured to automatically regulate house temperature depending on the time when you are out and in the house. It also allows you to set it to start cooling or warming your house either 30 minutes or an hour before you return home. This setting helps you to feel a comfortable temperature every time you get back.

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