We love our furnaces but seldom think about them; that is until they stop working. There are several common furnace problems to keep in mind as the winter days move on. Some furnace problems can be taken care of by you and me. Other problems require the help of an HVAC professional.

Change your air filter regularly

One common furnace problem is a clogged air filter. They are one of the biggest causes of furnace problems.

• One symptom of a clogged air filter is when your furnace turns on but doesn’t blow hot air very long.
• One way to prevent this problem is replacing your furnace filter once a month and scheduling a non-emergency furnace cleaning and safety check.

Keep an eye on your thermostat

Another common furnace problem is with your thermostat. Keep in mind; sometimes the furnace doesn’t work as it should because the thermostat has not been set correctly. Always verify the temperature setting.

Cracked heat exchanger

In addition, a cracked heat exchanger is another common furnace problem. Keep in mind; over time cracks can develop in your furnace’s heat exchanger. This is dangerous because the cracks can allow carbon monoxide to creep into your home’s air. This problem needs immediate and professional attention.

Poor airflow

Poor airflow is another common furnace problem.

• There are times when your furnace may have trouble putting out enough warm air in your home.
• The most common reason why this happens is a clogged air filter.
• Other reasons are leaks in your ductwork or closed air vents.
• You may also want to contact an HVAC professional for this concern.

General system malfunctioning

Most importantly, a general system malfunction is another common furnace problem. Symptoms of this problem are your furnace making noise, your furnace is short cycling, your furnace not producing adequate heat or your furnace is making noises or your furnace is producing a strange smell. This is another example where you need a professional.

To conclude, we all love our furnaces but seldom think about them; that is until they stop working. Schedule a tune-up soon with an HVAC professional.