You’ve probably heard about the Himalayan Salt Lamp craze at some point during the last two or three years, but do they really work? Lots of people are making claims that they produce tons of benefits to you and your home, but are they all true? Let’s take some time to discuss some of the alleged benefits of salt lamps to find out if you should really use them in your home. Do Salt Lamps Really Improve Indoor Air Quality? | Rusk Heating & Cooling What is a Himalayan Salt Lamp? For those who may not be familiar, salt lamps are simply large pieces of pure Himalayan salt with a small bulb inside. They’ve gained massive popularity in recent years because of the alleged benefits attributed to them. Benefits of Salt Lamps

  • Night Lights: you’ve probably heard that you should avoid blue light when it’s time to go to sleep. Well, salt lamps produce a warm orange glow that can actually help you fall asleep. For this reason, they also make great night lights.
  • Indoor Air Quality: while most studies have yet to produce concrete results, salt lamps may improve indoor air quality. They may not be the best source of negative ions, but they can attract pollutants in the air and help neutralize the effects of electronics.
  • Soothe Allergies: some allergy sufferers have stated they found some relief from their symptoms when salt lamps were used regularly. You can place salt lamps throughout your home or office to help fight your allergy symptoms.

For a more permanent solution to poor indoor air quality, we do recommend considering a whole-house air purification system. Rusk Heating & Cooling offers a variety of products and solutions designed to fit your budget and improve the quality of the air inside your home. Call us today to find out how we can help!