We love our furry friends, but they don’t do our indoor air quality any favors. And because we don’t want to cuddle with an iguana, we just have to accept the minor inconveniences our pet pals cause. It’s a fair trade.

The good news is you can easily reduce the amount of hair and dander that circulates through your home, so that you and your four-legged friend can breathe easier. Here’s how:

Brush at least once a week

Reducing shedding is the obvious benefit for you, but your dog will greatly appreciate the extra bonding time. Plus, brushing helps spread your pup’s natural oils throughout his fur, keeping his coat healthy and glossy.

Keep them off the coach

Good luck with this one! But if you can train your dog and cat to say off of the furniture, that will help cut the amount of hair and dander floating around. You see, fur on your couch inevitably gets on your clothes, which inevitably ends up in your dryer vent. That can be a hazard. When is the last time you had your dryer vents cleaned?

Vacuum, vacuum and vacuum

You’re pretty good about vacuuming the floor, but do the drapes, floor, stairs, furniture and dog bed while you’re at it. Hair gets everywhere, so use the nozzle extension and get those hard-to-reach spots, such as under the bed, the tops of shelves and along the floorboards. Thoroughly cleaning the whole home at least once a week with a HEPA filter vacuum will do wonders for your air quality.

Change your air filter every 60 days

For the average homeowner, we suggest replacing the filter every 90 days, but because you have pets, you should change it out every 60 days. That will prevent the filter from clogging, which will extend the lifespan of your unit.

Yes, owning pets means more clean-up and training, but they’re worth it.