You may be in a minority if you observe the annual spring cleaning for home and attached garage. It is estimated that 44 percent of US home dwellers give their garage a general or thorough spring cleaning. In climates with hot summers and rather frigid winters, this factor may raise the potential for hazard over time.

A fun weekend project

Your decision to spring clean the garage should be made based on weather forecast, allotted time, enlisting the aid of family or friends and commitment to remain tidy and organized within reason. Perhaps you can set a goal to clean the garage during spring.

Getting started

The first order of business is to clear the garage entirely. If you involve family or friends: make it a game with a reward at the end. Divide the items into four piles outside: donation, sell, trash and keep. Perhaps someone can serve as a runner to donation sites or area dumps. Don’t forget to wipe down, sweep and hose the garage surface while it is barren. Then organize things by category.

Man cave or workshop

Many homeowners want to use the garage for more than parking the car or a storage space. In cases where the four seasons occur, you will want adequate heating and insulation. It is recommended to have a service, such as Rusk Cooling and Heating, do an energy audit and make recommendations. Another option is to install a ductless mini-split system. Central air or conventional HVAC protocols can affect in-house air quality negatively, and raise utility bills significantly over time.

If you are considering cleaning and updating your garage, consider a consult with Rusk Heating and Cooling who serve the greater Covington, and Northern Kentucky region. They have been in business for over 150 years.