A particularly brutal winter can be harsh on your body. The cold air can cause inflamed eyes, dry skin and irritated sinuses. Let’s take a closer look at how dry winter air affects your health:


Reader’s Digest Best Health reports that winter can be especially harsh on the eyes. From harmful sun glares to dry indoor air, your eyes are at risk of becoming irritated and your vision impaired. Wear sunglasses to avoid damage from the sun’s reflection, and try drinking more water to counteract the dry air’s effect on your vision.


Winter tends to suck the moisture out of skin, leaving it dry, cracked and itchy. WebMD recommends running a humidifier to add moisture to your home’s air. You can also try taking shorter showers and applying moisturizer to problem areas.


Humidifiers also come in handy for relieving winter congestion, advises Health.com. Dry air tends to irritate our sinuses, making it easier to come down with a nasty infection. Humidifiers can transform the air within your home to eliminate this problem.humidifiers to relieve sinuses
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