Pretty soon, temperatures in our area will fall below freezing — especially at night. Don’t let frozen pipes cause a messy, costly headache! Adhere to these tips from the American Red Cross to prevent frozen pipes:
How to Prevent Frozen Pipes - Heat Pump Repair Northern Kentucky

Drain your swimming pool and sprinkler supply lines. Use the directions from the manufacturer or installer. Unless otherwise directed, don’t pour antifreeze into these lines — it’s environmentally hazardous and can harm people as well!

Disconnect, drain and store outdoor hoses. You should also shut off inside valves that supply outdoor hose bibs. Drain outdoor hose bibs, and keep the valve open so that any remaining water can escape.

Check for additional water supply lines in unheated parts of your home. Common spaces include the basement, crawl space, garage, attic and underneath kitchen and bathroom vanities. Insulate all water pipes — both hot and cold.

It’s important to go through this checklist now before winter hits. Otherwise, you could end up with frosty disaster!

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