As a homeowner, you’d be familiar with the basics of caring for dyers. For example, cleaning out the lint after every load becomes a habit, but what’s often overlooked is the dryer’s vent which is best cleaned by professionals. To eliminate the fire hazard, this is a crucial step. Rusk Heating & Cooling compassionately understand the need for routine inspection and maintenance of dryers. Do you know why? Here are a few reasons:

Prevents Fire

Having professional cleaners clean the vent of your dryer reduces the risk of fire. It also reduces the risk to your health and life in the process of cleaning the vent yourself. Professionals are equipped with the safety gear and skill to dismantle any threat. Lint collecting in your vent is an extremely flammable substance. Doing it yourself does not adequately substitute the role of professional cleaners. 15,000 houses succumb to fire every year on an average simply to due to lint building up and causing fires.

Reduces Repairs

Dryers are expensive appliances that cannot be replaced ever so often. Clogged dryer vents exert a lot of pressure on the performance of dryers, causing much wear and tear. This leads to the dryer breaking down prematurely and requiring frequent repairs. Residents find themselves forced to call up technicians to avoid buying a new dryer. The cost from repairs build up eventually and surpass the cost of a new dryer itself. To avoid this you should schedule routine maintenance. A simple vent cleaning can actually prolong the life of a dryer.

Saves Electricity by Shortening Dryer Cycles

A clogged dryer takes a longer time to dry clothes. This means more energy is consumed as dryers run for longer. Humidity remains high inside as trapped lint makes it difficult for it to escape. When moisture persists the dryer has to either use more heat to counter it or run longer cycles.

Lowers Your Energy Bills

The shorter your cycles are, the less energy is consumed. This reflects on your bills. Naturally, when your dryer is working efficiently, you aren’t using excessive energy that would, in turn, increase your utility bills.

With so many benefits ascribed a professional vent cleaning company, it is only worthwhile to schedule an appointment with Rusk Heating & Cooling, a company known for experience and its expertise in proper cleaning and servicing of dryers, by reaching them. You can gain your peace of mind from knowing you’ve curbed safety hazards and managed to keep your energy bills in check.