Things break at the most inconvenient times. What would happen if your exhaust fan in the bathroom shut off for good? Let’s go over everything these wonderful units do!


Listen, we all handle business on the john, it’s a way of life. However, some people prefer having the hum and noise to deter any sounds coming from a bathroom. With the flip of a switch, any shyness or sounds that could contribute to embarrassment go away! 

Odors and Scents

We just talked about any of the business someone would be handling in the restroom, another fact of life, what we leave behind in the john isn’t always the best smelling. Big thanks to the ceiling fan for circulating the air and clearing out any odors we wouldn’t want to smell. 

When it’s time to clean the bathroom, we use a crazy array of cleaning products. Things we really shouldn’t be breathing in too frequently. Using a fan assists with clearing out the room of the smell of bleach and other cleaners. 


The biggest and one of the main reasons to own a bathroom fan. The moisture inside the restroom. Reducing the humidity in a bathroom is vital for its upkeep. Excessive moisture can wreak havoc on bathroom walls by causing paint and wallpaper to peel. In extreme cases, it can even cause doors to warp! Don’t even get us started on growing mold spores. Big danger zone. 
Keep your fan dust free and clean, making sure this unit doesn’t break down is more important than you think. 

Picking the right company to do business with is key. You can rely on our team of factory-trained professionals to provide prompt expert service whether you need routine maintenance, emergency repair, replacement equipment, or a completely new system. Homeowners have trusted Rusk for heating and cooling maintenance and repairs for over 150 years! Contact us today.