The furnace is one of the most essential home appliances to keep the house warm during the winter and the occupants at a safe and comfortable temperature. Most homeowners believe that used furnaces work just as well as new ones and that they can save money by buying used ones. This is false. This blog will look at the way used furnaces operate and why a homeowner should consider only buying new furnaces instead.

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Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Used Furnace

Most homeowners believe buying used is an easy way to save a buck. While that may work for many home appliances, it does not work for furnaces. That’s because furnaces are a significant investment, and it’s essential to take good care of them and update them when needed. Simply put, used furnaces are not worth the risk for several reasons — some of which you may not know about.

Let’s go through some ways that buying a used furnace can hurt you and your pocketbook.

No Guarantee it will Function Properly

There are a couple of ways to go about buying a used furnace. Sites such as Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace might offer great deals, but that’s where you’ll take the biggest gamble. The person who sells it to you might not be able to get you all the information you need about its history and could lie about the condition the heating system is in and whether furnace maintenance was ever performed. 

Just because it’s “never broken down” doesn’t indicate anything about the wear and tear of the internal parts. It’s possible the used furnace could even have a cracked heat exchanger that can emit dangerous carbon monoxide into a home. Unless you are highly familiar with the inner workings of a furnace, buying used can be outright dangerous.

Out of Manufacturer Warranty

Many furnaces have warranties of 10 years. The lifespan of the average furnace is 15-20 years. Warranties for furnaces are excellent because they also cover a lot of parts and labor. Many furnace companies state that the warranty only applies to the original owner and in the original home of the installation. So when parts and labor are no longer covered under warranty, repair bills will be costly.

If you need repairs, you may have a hard time finding a technician to do them. Many reputable HVAC companies get their furnaces directly from the manufacturer. They know the history and can easily refer to the unit’s history. But a replacement furnace of unknown origin makes HVAC technicians weary, especially if they don’t know if it was installed correctly. Installing an electric or natural gas furnace is not a DIY chore. In fact, many warranties require professional installation to be valid. Working with the right company from the start can make all the difference in the longevity of your heating system.

More Likely to Break Down

If you buy a used furnace, you’re taking a big gamble regarding whether it will work efficiently. It might be too big or too small for the size of your house. Even reputable contractors miss things. You should have your furnace tuned up every year in the fall, and if you have difficulty finding a technician to do that for you, your unit could fall into disrepair. 

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