Cincinnati, OH HVAC Services

Air Conditioning Services in Cincinnati

There are no cutting corners when it comes to our air conditioning services in Cincinnati. Our team completes full inspections of your system to ensure that the services we provide are what’s best for your home. Our Cincinnati, OH, cooling services include:

Air Conditioning Installation

The last thing you want is to be stuck in your home on a hot day without a properly functioning AC system. That’s why Rusk’s heating and air conditioning technicians go through extensive training to make sure air conditioning installation gets done quickly and correctly the first time around.

Air Conditioning Repair

Proper air conditioning isn’t always just about comfort. It’s also about safety. During the hottest days of summer, being inside a house without a properly functioning air conditioner can damage your health. Call Rusk for Comprehensive air conditioner repairs.

Your safety and comfort are what motivates our team. With our air conditioning repair services in the Cincinnati and the northern Kentucky area, we ensure your systems run at peak efficiency. With routine maintenance, we also help to preserve the longevity of your AC system.

Air Conditioning Tune Up Service

In order to avoid pricey service calls for unexpected air conditioning repairs, trust the team at Rusk to prepare your system for the hot summers ahead with air conditioning tune up service. Schedule this service every year in the spring.

Ductless Mini-Splits

Our team can also install ductless mini-splits into your home. Their small size and flexibility is ideal if you want to heat or cool individual rooms.

If you aren’t sure what the best air conditioning system is for your home or business, we can help you make a choice that’s the right fit.

Cincinnati, OH Heating Service

Whether you want a heating system that is more efficient and effective, or you need a tune-up, we can help. He offer the following heating services in Cincinnati:

Furnace Repair

Perhaps servicing your heating system for winter is the last thing on your mind after you install an AC unit. But those cold winter nights will sneak up on you in no time. That’s why you need a reliable heating system that can run full blast when our Cincinnati, OH, weather changes unexpectedly.

Whether you’re struggling with a clogged furnace or it’s not heating properly, our professional furnace repair service in Cincinnati we will have it up and running so you can heat your home efficiently.

Furnace Tune-Ups

Avoid sudden furnace issues by investing in furnace tune-ups from Rusk. You should have your furnace maintained annually to catch issues developing early as well as extend the life of your heating system so you get the most out of it.

Furnace Installation

There are various furnaces to choose from, including gas, electric, oil, and propane. At Rusk, we’ll help you understand all of the options available. And when you’re ready to have a new furnace installed in your home, we will take care of everything from beginning to end.


A properly functioning boiler can be the difference between a high energy bill and headaches for years to come. It starts with a professional boiler installation by our team of experts, to ensure you are starting on the right track. Following that, consistent and well executed boiler repair will keep the boiler ready for the cold and your energy bill low.


Looking to reduce your carbon footprint while enjoying more sustainable heating year-round? We can get install a geothermal HVAC system and eliminate your dependency on fuel! If you ever have issues with your geothermal system, you can trust the team at Rusk for reliable geothermal repairs too.

Indoor Air Quality Services in Cincinnati

Our HVAC services are not just about keeping warm or cool. They’re about safety and living a healthier, more enjoyable life, too. That’s why we pride ourselves on offering expert indoor air quality services in the Cincinnati area.

As air sits in your home, odors, viruses, pollen, bacteria, and smoke can remain in your living areas. It’s hard to find comfort in your home if you’re finding yourself sick or smelling unwelcome odors.

That’s why we take our indoor air quality services in Cincinnati seriously. We want you to enjoy every moment you are in your home, knowing that you have the freshest, cleanest air possible!

If you’re interested in having better air quality in your home, check out Rusk’s indoor air quality services. We can clean or install:


You don’t need to suffer through extreme dryness each winter. We’ll install whole-house humidifiers so you can enjoy air quality that is better for your health and comfort.

Duct Cleaning

As we use our HVAC systems, dirt and bacteria build up over time in your ducts. With our expertise, we’ll have your ducts cleaner than ever, meaning you can rest (and breathe) a little easier.

Contact Rusk for Cincinnati HVAC Services

Rusk is here to help with all of your home’s heating, air conditioning and indoor air quality needs. We can help design, install, and repair the perfect air systems for your home.

Our Greater Cincinnati HVAC services include air conditioning, heating, and indoor air quality so that you can forget stressing and get back to enjoying your home. Contact our heating and cooling company today to schedule a service call for all of your HVAC repair, tune-up and installation needs.

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