Heat Pump Repair & Installation Service

How Do Heat Pumps Work?

Heat pumps are an all-in-one, energy-efficient cooling, and heating system, providing two to three times more heating than the equivalent amount of energy they consume in electricity.

During Summer months, heat pumps work like air conditioners, extracting heat from inside your home and transferring it to the outdoor air. When the weather’s cooler, it does the exact opposite, taking heat from outside and moving it inside. For optimal comfort and efficiency, a heat pump can be combined with a gas furnace in one dual-fuel system.

Signs That Heat Pump Repairs Are Needed

Rising Electricity Bills

If you’ve noticed higher electricity bills recently, your heat pump might be at fault. As a heat pump becomes less efficient, it will need to stay on longer in order to properly heat the room up to the set temperature. The longer a heat pump stays on, the higher your heating costs will rise.

Lack of Heat

A heat pump’s job is to, well, heat your home. If your heat pump fails to provide your home with heat, it must be repaired. Call on the heating experts at Rusk for heat pump service if your home’s heat pump is not heating your home as it should be.

Loud Banging and Rumbling Noises

Outside of the initial startup of the heat pump system, you shouldn’t notice loud noises coming from your unit. If you’ve noticed an excessive amount of noise coming from your heat pump, it likely indicates a repair is needed on your system.

When Heat Pump Installation is Needed

The System is 15 Years Old

Like every other appliance in your home, your heat pump has a lifespan. Typically, any heat pump that reaches or goes beyond 15 years of age will need to be replaced at the first sign of downward performance. If you opt to repair your older system rather than replace it, you will likely find yourself having to perform constant repairs on it to keep it functioning.

Repairs Are More Expensive Than Replacements

Heat pump repair is necessary for almost all heat pump systems at one point or another, but it can’t fix everything. Sometimes, repairs will actually become more expensive than replacing the whole heat pump, depending on the parts or service that is needed. If your heat pump’s repairs will cost more than actually replacing the system, we can install a new heat pump.

Constant Repairs Are Needed

The older a heat pump is, the more likely it will need repairs. However, a heat pump that needs to be repaired every few months should be replaced. Significantly reduce the amount you’re paying for repairs by opting to replace the whole unit, rather than continuing to repair the existing unit.

Contact Rusk for Heat Pump Repair and Installation Services

When your Cincinnati, OH, area heat pump begins to exhibit signs of needing heat pump repair, it’s critical that you get it repaired as soon as possible. Doing so will prevent issues from growing and creating bigger problems down the road. For heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality service that your Cincinnati, OH, area home or business can count on, call or contact us online today.

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