HVAC Services in Madeira, OH

Madeira, OH, Air Conditioning Services

Air Conditioning Repair

Madeira summers bring hot weather that can quickly become uncomfortable and even dangerous without proper air conditioning. If your air conditioner breaks down at the worst possible time, you might feel as though you’re stuck with a hot, humid home.

When that happens, don’t hesitate to reach out to Rusk for air conditioning repair services! We’ll quickly diagnose the issue and perform the correct repairs to ensure that your home is not without the comfort provided by air conditioning for long!

Air Conditioning Installation

Whether you’ve recently built a new property that needs an air conditioner, or you need to replace your existing system, the experts at Rusk can help! When you contact Rusk Heating and Cooling for air conditioner installation services, we’ll help you find the perfect system for your home and efficiently perform the installation. We know that you can’t afford to be without air conditioning for long, so we’ll work hard to get the job done quickly and effectively.

Air Conditioner Tune Up

When you schedule your air conditioner tune up appointment with Rusk, you’ll get ahead of the hot summer temperatures that put a heavy strain on your cooling system. We’ll provide the services your system needs to help it run reliably all summer long.

Ductless Mini-Splits

While a large number of people are more familiar with traditional cooling units than ductless mini-splits, these units are a great option for homes in Madeira and beyond. Compared to more traditional systems, they are more energy efficient, cost-effective, and offer greater temperature control. For more information about how our ductless mini-split systems can benefit your home, get in touch with us today!

Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps are an incredibly efficient way to both heat and cool your home. By transferring heat instead of generating it, these HVAC systems can create a comfortable environment in every season without burning fossil fuels. If you’re interested in making the switch to a heat pump, or need repairs or maintenance for your current model, talk to Rusk.

Heating Services in Madeira, OH

Furnace Repair

When you notice signs that your furnace needs to be repaired, such as an increase in energy bills or you hear strange noises coming from the system, Rusk can provide the necessary repairs. Our professional heating and air conditioning technicians are trained to diagnose and repair any issues that you come across.

Furnace Maintenance

Being without heat suddenly on the coldest night of the year is not an experience you want to relive again. With furnace maintenance services from Rusk, we’ll restore your system to peak performance so it is far less likely to breakdown unexpectedly in the winter.

Furnace Installation

No matter the make or model of your furnace system, our technicians are expertly trained on all systems. Your comfort, safety, and satisfaction are all top priorities to us, so we’ll work to find the perfect system for your home and install it in a timely and efficient manner.


Whether you’ve had a boiler in your home for years or you’re just now making the switch from another heating system, Rusk can provide you with the ideal boiler system for your home. If your existing system is in need of repairs, our professionals can also perform any fixes to get your unit up and running again.


While many are unfamiliar with geothermal heating equipment, they’re actually a great option for many homes. They use natural heat from the earth to effectively heat your home. This greatly reduces the energy bills of your home, while still providing the same amount of heat that you expect in your Madeira home.

Madeira Indoor Air Quality Services

While the temperature of the air in your home should certainly be a priority, so should the quality of the air. If your air is too humid, it can promote mold and mildew growth. If it’s too dry, however, you might notice issues like dry skin or cold-like symptoms developing.

To counter these issues, get in contact with Rusk online, or give us a phone call to install indoor air quality systems. In addition to managing the humidity in your home’s air supply, we also offer products to kill any pollutants that might be in your air or detect carbon monoxide before symptoms develop.

Rusk Heating & Cooling’s full line of indoor air quality systems and services include:

  • Purifiers
  • Humidifiers
  • Energy Recovery Ventilators
  • Dehumidifiers
  • UV Lamps
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Air Cleaners

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