Thermostat Repair & Installation

Signs That You Need Thermostat Repair

Unfortunately, your old thermostat won’t be able to tell you when it needs to be repaired. However, by paying close attention to your system, you might be able to pick up on some common signs that you need thermostat repair.

Your Home Isn’t Reaching the Set Temperature

If your local Cincinnati & NKY home has been warmer or cooler than usual, but you haven’t adjusted the thermostat’s temperature much, it likely needs repairs. For example, if you always set your thermostat to 70°F, but lately it’s been feeling a little colder than that in your home, your thermostat might be incorrectly setting the temperature. It might say 70°F on the thermostat when it’s actually a couple of degrees cooler than that.

Or, it simply may not be communicating properly with the HVAC system. This can be due to loose wiring and other internal problems.

Our thermostat services can repair your thermostat to help it actually reach the desired temperature settings far more consistently so you have precise control over your comfort.

HVAC System is Short Cycling

When a thermostat incorrectly reads the home’s temperature, it can tell your heating system or air conditioner to turn on, even if it isn’t required. As it continues to read incorrect temperatures, it will continue to turn on when it doesn’t need to, typically failing to complete the cycle. This results in poor heating and air conditioning throughout the home, as well as poor energy efficiency and higher energy bills.

Thermostat repair can fix this problem so your heating and cooling systems are working properly, generating energy savings and limiting wear and tear to your HVAC system.

Signs That You Need Thermostat Replacement

Knowing when to replace or repair your thermostat can be a difficult task. After all, many of the symptoms between the two can be interchangeable. If you notice any of the signs below in your thermostat, it’s best to have a professional come look at your thermostat to determine if thermostat installation is the best solution going forward.

Heating and Air Conditioning Systems Won’t Turn On

Heating and cooling systems apply the information shared by your thermostat to either heat or cool your home. However, if your HVAC system isn’t turning on, even right after changing the temperature, your thermostat likely isn’t telling your systems to turn on. This can become a major issue, especially if it occurs during very hot or cold months. A professional should be called to inspect your unit and recommend a course of action.

Thermostat is Over 10 Years Old

Like every other appliance within your home, your thermostat won’t last forever. Typically, thermostats last for 10-15 years before they should be replaced. If your thermostat is over 10 years old and is experiencing any issues, the system should be replaced in order to fully prevent any issues from reoccurring.

Upgrade to a New Thermostat Today

In today’s rapidly advancing technology landscape, modern thermostats offer homeowners a level of complete control over their HVAC systems that was once unimaginable. With options like new smart thermostats, Wi-Fi enabled thermostat units, and programmable thermostat models, you can achieve better control over your home’s temperature and significantly improve the efficiency and comfort of your home.

With new thermostat installation services from Rusk, you can enjoy complete control over your home comfort. Our thermostat installers can help you choose the right thermostat for your home – your options include:

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats, equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and advanced features, grant you the ability to control your HVAC system remotely via your smartphone, tablet, or computer. A new smart thermostat can learn your preferences and habits, adjusting settings accordingly to boost energy efficiency, and offer recommendations for optimal usage. Voice control compatibility and seamless integration with other smart devices make smart thermostat installation the pinnacle of HVAC control.

Wi-Fi Enabled Thermostats

Wi-Fi enabled thermostats offer a practical compromise between traditional and smart thermostats. They allow remote control through a smartphone app or computer, making it easy to adjust settings when you’re away. You can also set your home’s temperature schedules for heating and cooling, ensuring efficient HVAC system operation and saving on energy costs.

Programmable Thermostats

A programmable thermostat provides a basic yet effective means of controlling your HVAC system. They allow you to create temperature schedules to match your daily and weekly routines, ensuring that your home remains comfortable without unnecessary energy consumption so you can keep your utility bill in check each month. This set-and-forget approach keeps your indoor environment consistent and cost-effective.

Why Choose Rusk?

The team of professionals at Rusk Heating & Cooling has many years of experience in repairing and replacing all models of thermostats. Whether your existing digital thermostats are in need of repairs or you’re wanting to upgrade to the newest smart thermostat, the heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality technicians at Rusk can help.

Rusk has been providing residential HVAC services to homes in Cincinnati & NKY and the Greater Cincinnati area for over 150 years. As HVAC technology continues to evolve and advance, so do we. We apply the latest technology to ensure that you’re getting the best HVAC services in Covington, including thermostat installation, replacement, and repairs.

Contact Rusk for Thermostat Services

When the time comes to either repair or replace your thermostat, be sure that you can trust the team of technicians that you call. We’ve served happy customers for over 150 years and know what it takes to help our customers increase the comfort and safety of their homes. Contact us online, or give us a phone call today to receive more information or to schedule an appointment for thermostat installation or repair in Cincinnati & NKY and the surrounding areas.