The air inside your home is much cleaner than the polluted air outside, right? Believe it or not, this is not always the case. There’s a good chance the air inside your home is filled with thousands of airborne pollutants and harmful chemicals that can make you sick with every breath you take. Scary, isn’t it? indoor air quality Well, there’s no need to worry. By taking a proactive approach and substituting some of the chemical-causing agents in your home with natural solutions, you’ll be on your way to fresher, cleaner air in no time.

  1. Ditch the chemical bathroom sprays. Most of them contain toxins that can be extremely detrimental to your health. We recommend using essential oils or creating your own natural air fresheners instead.
  2. Place indoor plants such as Aloe vera, Dracaena, and Bamboo palms throughout the house. These plants have the ability to remove toxins from the air.
  3. Run exhaust fans in the bathroom and in the kitchen while bathing or cooking. Why? They’ll help keep moisture levels to a minimum which makes it difficult for mold to grow and they’ll also help expel stale air.
  4. Keep your air ducts clean. After all, this is where most of the air you breathe passes through before you inhale so it’s extremely important to have ducts that are free of mold and other harmful chemicals. How do you keep them clean? Call on the experts at Rusk Heating & Cooling!

Having or adding high efficiency air cleaning products in your home may not work if the problem is really in your ducts. Most household dust contains dust mites, mold, mildew, pollen and animal dander. Duct Cleaning, even in a new home, can result in a cleaner, more dust-free indoor living environment. Let us take care of the problem and get you one step closer to breathing healthier air! Call us today for more information!