Today kicks off National Bargain Hunting week and there’s no better time to begin shopping for a new HVAC system. However, before you start comparing different pieces of equipment, prices and like, it’s important to understand what you need to be looking for in the first place. Below, we’ve put together some pro tips that will help you identify your needs and save the most money during the process: 4 Pro Tips To Follow When Shopping For An HVAC System | Rusk Heating & Cooling

  1. Check For Local Rebates: some cities/towns offer localized rebates on certain HVAC models that meet a variety of energy-efficiency standards. You can look up rebates and incentives by state which is a great first step in the buying process.
  2. Check For Manufacturer Rebates: now that you’ve found out which rebates are available in your area, it’s time to check in with the manufacturer’s. Oftentimes, special rebates and incentives only apply to their most expensive models, but it’s always worth doing some research.
  3. Size Matters: don’t simply go for the largest or smallest unit just because you think that’s what you need. Using a system that’s too large or too small for a specific area of your house can actually cost you much more in energy bills than an appropriately sized system. This is where a professional HVAC technician can really help you out.
  4. Look For The Energy Star Label: one of the main reasons you’re upgrading your system in the first place is to save money on energy bills, right? Well, then it’s vital to look for the Energy Star label which tells you how efficient the system is. We recommend choosing a system with a SEER rating of at least 15.

There are a lot of choices. Picking the right company to do business with is key. You can rely on the team of factory-trained professionals at Rusk Heating & Cooling to provide prompt expert service whether you need routine maintenance, emergency repair, replacement equipment, or a completely new system.