Picture this: you wake up one more than there’s no more air conditioners. No central air, no window units, nothing. What a nightmare, right? Well, that’s how it was back in the day before the beloved invention by Willis Carrier in 1902. Let’s take a walk back in history to learn about how air conditioning evolved to what we know it as today.

old fan 1851 – Dr. John Gorrie of Florida designs the first machine that creates ice using a compressor powered by horse, water, wind-driven sails or steam.

1902 – Willis Carrier invents the first modern electrical air conditioning unit. His invention was a way to solve a moisture problem for a publishing company.

1904 – The public gets to experience comfort cooling for the first time. Organizers of the St. Louis World’s Fair use mechanical refrigeration to cool the Missouri State Building.

1928 – Willis Carrier improves performance and cuts the cost of air conditioning by inventing the centrifugal chiller.

1931 – Window air conditioners come about. H.H. Schultz and J.Q. Sherman file a patent for an air conditioning unit that can be placed on a window ledge.

1975-1978 – National Laboratory research helps the industry create more energy efficient and cost effective air conditioning technologies.

1998 – Advanced refrigerants developed by Allied Signal (now Honeywell).

2015 – The Energy Department supports next generation of air conditioning technologies.

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