Heating and cooling isn’t exactly the easiest industry to understand. Terms like “compressor,” “diffuser,” and “expansion valve” may very well sound foreign to you. Here at Rusk Heating & Cooling, we get it. We aim to make your comfort simple and understandable.

Head over to our YouTube channel for information on Rusk Heating & Cooling! Here’s an overview of our videos to get you started:

Rusk Is the Name You Can Trust!
When it comes to keeping your home comfortable, Rusk is the name you can trust. This video offers a history of Rusk Heating & Cooling, takes a look at some of our customer reviews, and new U.S. Department of Energy efficiency standards.

Contractor Covington | Northern KY | HVAC
Here, we delve into the services Rusk Heating & Cooling offers. We do it all! Whether you’re in need of routine maintenance, emergency repair, replacement equipment, or a completely new system, we’ve got you covered. Watch for more information.

Furnace Service & Repair Covington | Northern Kentucky
In this video, we focus on furnace replacement, service and repairs. Furnace repair is, hands down, one of our most important services. Your furnace will play a large role in the comfort of your home! It helps you and your family get through the area’s notorious cold season.

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