You’ve got enough to worry about on a daily basis, you don’t need the added stress of not knowing what you’re breathing in inside your very own home. Even if you’ve taken proactive measures to increase your indoor air quality, it won’t serve much of a purpose if you have leaky air ducts. Why? Find out below:

Hidden Dangers of Leaky Air Ducts | HVAC Northern Kentucky | Rusk Heating & Cooling

The Purpose of Air Ducts What are air ducts there for anyway? It’s their job to carry heated and cooled air throughout your home, sending it through the vents so you can enjoy a comfortable home all year long. But lots of issues arise if the ducts aren’t functioning properly.

Dangers of Leaky Ducts:

  1. Leaky air ducts can cause an imbalance in pressure between the interior and exterior of your home.
  2. Pressure imbalances cause the air from outside to be pulled inside. This can be major problem during the summer with warm, humid air being pulled in and during the winter when cold, dry air comes rushing inside.
  3. Have a fireplace? Leaky ducts can cause what is known as a backdraft – where dangerous carbon monoxide is pulled down the chimney and into your home instead of escaping through the top.
  4. You never know what’s hiding up in your roof or attic where air ducts are often located. If you have leaky ducts, foul odors from dead animals could potentially make their way into the air you’re breathing in.
  5. Leaky ducts means air is likely escaping. This can cause heating and cooling bills to rise unexpectedly.

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