You turn on the television to watch the weather channel and find out that high humidity is on the menu for the day. Why should you be overly concerned? Well, it’s simple. High humidity makes a hot day feel even hotter because of the excessive moisture in the air. High humidity can also affect your HVAC unit.

High Humidity’s Impact On Your HVAC

Generally, it is easy to tell if humidity is affecting your home just by testing indoors. A few tell-tale signs include excessive dampness that leads to bad odors, fogged up windows, clammy air, and your skin feeling wet and sticky.

Perhaps, you’ve noticed that your air conditioning or even heating system seems to work less efficiently. Your air conditioner works by removing the heat and moisture out of the air. If the levels of humidity in the air are high, it causes your air conditioner to work harder to produce cool air for your home. Your home will not feel cooler and you’ll continue to run the air conditioning even more.

Should You Purchase A Larger Air Conditioning System

Certainly, you probably assume that you need more power to draw all that humidity and heat out of your home. Therefore, you decide to deal out more money for a higher priced and larger air conditioning system. Here is the deal, that isn’t the case. The solution to the problem could be as easy as calling up Rusk to talk about our humidifier/dehumidifier options.

In the dog days of Summer, high humidity in the home is not only uncomfortable but can promote bacteria growth on interior walls and ductwork. The dehumidifier removes the moisture out of the air. Thus, helping the air conditioner or heating system work more efficiently and cooling down your home correctly.

If you have more questions about your HVAC system and humidity or any other questions about HVAC systems, contact Rusk Heating & Cooling.